Memorial Benches

On Saturday 6th June 2015 on the four corners of the boulevard Hessle road, eight memorial seats will be unveiled, To remember the courageous women of the head scarf campaign, LILLIAN BILOCCA, CHRISTINE JENSEN MBE, MARY DENNESS, & YVONNE BLENKINSOP who fought for safety of the fishermen of our port, also four benches will be unveiled to the three lost ships and crews of the dreadful winter of 1968 the ST ROMANUS, ROSS CLEVELAND & KINGSTON PERIDOT, and a bench will also be unveiled to the memory of the GAUL and the crew lost in 1974.

Me and Jerry met with Mark Smith of HCC at the Boulevard on Thursday 4th Sept to discus the placement of the memorial benches and to move things on.

Triple Trawler Tragedy campaigners to be honoured with new plaques in Hull's Hessle Road
By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: November 05, 2014
By James Campbell

Representatives from the Hull Bullnose Memorial Group, from left, secretary Tony Calvert, treasurer Ray Coles, and chairman Jerry Thompson, at the corner of Boulevard and Hessle Road.

THE trawlermen's wives who fought for safety improvements within the industry are set to be honoured in Hessle Road. Funding is now in place to provide the eight plaques and benches at the bottom of the Boulevard at the junction with Hessle Road.

They will recognise the four women – Lillian Bilocca, Yvonne Blenkinsop, Christine Jensen and Mary Denness, who campaigned for better safety following the notorious Triple Trawler Tragedy in 1968.

Three vessels from Hull – St Romanus, Kingston Peridot and Ross Cleveland – were lost during winter storms. The skippers of the three vessels will also have benches dedicated to them, along with that of the Gaul. The Hull Bullnose Memorial Group is behind the plans and has been backed by ward councillors. Treasurer Ray Coles said: "We wanted to create something at the Bullnose, but we had problems with the landowner. "We came up with a concept to provide benches and plaques at the Bullnose but, when that wasn't possible, we decided Hessle Road was the best place as it is known throughout the whole world.

"The benches will be at each corner of the junction with planters and we also hope to put up banners". "We have spoken to all the people and families concerned and we have their backing and support". "We are doing what we can to keep the history of the fishing industry alive". "We think the wives, led by Lil Bilocca, deserve some recognition."

The group was formed last year in a bid to place plaques and benches at the bullnose on the former St Andrew's Dock, where trawlers set off on deep-water fishing trips. Chairman Jerry Thompson said: "The contribution of the head scarf women has never been truly recognised and we feel this is a great way of doing that. "We just want to bring the fishing community back together. "We are always looking for funding and carry out our own events. We have had very good support from the council and also from the Goodwin Trust." "The response we have been getting is phenomenal."

Mary Denness, 77, and now living in North Lincolnshire, is delighted by the plans. She said: "I am extremely honoured and this is an ideal place for the plaques and benches. "It is in the middle of Hessle Road, which was at the heart of the trawler industry. "It is important to keep our heritage alive". "I hope to be there when it is all unveiled."

The group hopes the benches and plaques will be in place by spring next year and should be unveiled in April or May.
Meanwhile, the group is holding a fundraising reunion event at Rayners pub in Hessle Road on Saturday, November 15, when more plaques will be unveiled.

£2,000 donation for benches and plaques
WARD councillors Daren Hale and Nadine Fudge have provided £2,000 for the new scheme to provide the benches and plaques.
Cllr Hale said: “We are pleased to be supporting this scheme. As well as honouring those women who campaigned for improved safety in the fishing industry, this will also help upgrade an area of Hessle Road and give it a bit of a boost.”

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