Lorraine Falcon

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3 responses to “Lorraine Falcon”

  1. Hi everyone, blessings from Santa Marta, Colombia. I have read Lorraine's book (or proposed book when complete). I really enjoyed it, finally, someone putting pen to paper who actually lived on Hessle Road, quite refreshing really. I think she needs someone, perhaps a ghost writer, to help her formulate her thoughts in a more cohesive way (but that's not a criticism, merely, an observation).

    Derek Falcon - an old buddy of mine. Myself, Tab Jenkins (lost at sea), Derek and I think someone else, went to Fleetwood together around 1967. We stayed in the seaman's mission for awhile but soon got shipped up on the Wyre Vanguard. We also sailed with Colin Platten, Cliff Milner and my buddy George Matfin (lost on Kingston Peridot) during our stay in Fleetwood. Tab and Derek went back to Hull after a few trips but I stayed, mainly, because my dad's family were Fleety's.

    Derek, a really lovely lad, not sure about all the fighting, he couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag when I knew him..haha. Tab Jenkins and the Turner boys, salt of the earth. I knew them going back to their Massey Street or Beecroft Street off St. George's Road days. Then later, myself and Tab were neighbors down Eastbourne Street - a real character was our Tab!

    Lorraine's writings brought back some old memories with names I have not heard for years. Jimmy Frame, Joey Allenby etc. My best mate Geordie Tennick (who wouldn't want one of the hardest cases in Hull as your mate..haha) got up to mischief on numerous occasions and sailed together on a few ships, St Keverne for one. Not sure how or why we were such good mates, but the chemistry was there. Geordie Paul and Sylvie Cardwell, lived down Eastbourne Street for awhile. Geordie Paul was a mate of mine from the day he arrived from North Shields. Our never to be forgotten fight inside and outside Halfway, when I got arrested, as the police told me later in Gordon Street cells, they arrested me for my own good!

    If my memory serves me correct: I bottled Geordie Paul inside Halfway, we went outside Halfway to continue the fight, and thankfully someone called the police before he killed me..haha.

    Lorraine, don't think I met you, just to say once again, your Derek and his best chinas like Stu & Freak Turner and Tab, really were the salt of the earth, good guys. Keep your writings coming, I am sure there are literally thousands of people who will enjoy them.


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