Dr Burn's

About Dr Burns. Me and Derek Falcon where going for our Mates Tickets I think, and we had to have our First Aid Ticket as well, so me and Derek set of down dock and he said we have got a bit of time let's go and have a pint in Rayners and a bit out of character for me ? I said do you think we should knowing that Burnsy was a bit of a twat ,but Derek never stood on ceremony for anyone so we had a couple of pints and then set of for the Surgery. When we got there we had to resuscitate a plastic dummy after a couple of goes we thought we were doing ok but Burnsy said f@ck off he’s dead, and as me and Derek went out of the door Burnsy said the next time you come and see me make sure you do not have a drink first, I think he failed us because we had a couple of pints, because everyone said how easy it was to get your First Aid Ticket you only had to turn up, but not me or Derek.

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